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Once your payment has been processed you will be contacted by your visa agent. They will explain the full application process to you and get you started on the next step towards obtaining your Russian visa. If you would like more information or help please call us on 020 7993 8027 or you can live chat with our visa agents.

If you have only ordered an official voucher / invitation this will be sent to you within the agreed time.

Tourist Vouchers, Business & Work Invitations

Russian Visa Supporting Documents
To apply for a Russian visa you must first obtain a visa supporting document. The type of supporting document you require varies by visa type. A tourist visa to Russia requires an Official Tourist Voucher & Confirmation which should be issued by an authorised body within Russia. This document should not be confused with travel booking confirmations, it is not the same. A tourist voucher confirms to the Russian embassy that your purpose of travel is purely for tourism. We can supply these officially issued document for you, use the form above to do this.

A business visa requires an Official Business Invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In some cases (not for UK passport holders) a letter of invitation from the Russian company you are visiting may be sufficient. We can help you with both types of Business Invitation. Using the form above to order your business invitation.

A work visa requires an Official Work Invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This document confirms that you can work in Russia and be employed by a Russian company. Using the form above to order your work invitation.

Official Tourist Vouchers
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Official Business & Work Invitations
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